May 23, 2010

Global Inquiry Faculty Training Seminar (June 28 - July 22)

Global Inquiry Faculty Training Seminar (GIFTS) is a four-week seminar focused on helping Jackson State faculty to retool to meet the needs of the global inquiry focus of JSU's Quality Enhancement Plan.  It meets June 28 through July 22 (excluding Fridays and weekends) from 10 AM to 3 PM.  Participants will work through a series of analytical questions, discuss common readings, learn to integrate technology into courses and maintain a journal documenting these experiences.  Faculty should emerge from GIFTS ready to develop first-year experience courses that reflect the themes of inquiry methods of the QEP.  To participate please contact Robert Blaine at

April 19, 2010

Students, We've Listened to You

Based on our focus groups, we've determined that students' primary concerns are the core curriculum, followed by teaching styles and modalities and availability for mentorship in particular and help more generally.  Their common concerns cut across three topics:  enhancing the academic environment for student learning, strengthening the general studies curriculum and teaching innovative learning strategies.

Topics Suggested by Students

Elements of A Successful Learning Experience Identified by Students

QEP Proposal Ideas by Students

February 16, 2010

Model Academic Assessment Programs at JSU

"How's my driving?"  We've seen that bumper sticker on countless trucks and cars on the highway.  Academic assessment asks something quite similar.  How's our instruction?  Curriculum?  Preparation for the worlds of work and graduate school?  Faculty, staff and administrators who are revising, rethinking and otherwise improving their assessment programs gathered to discuss some of the university's model assessment programs in the afternoon session of SACS Readiness Day.  Below are the presentations outlining those assessment programs.

SACS Readiness Week: Jackson State University's Re-Accreditation Process

Do you want to revisit one or all of the presentations of SACS Readiness Day? Did you regret missing a portion of it? No worries, we've included all of the presentations from the morning session here.

November 9, 2009

Which Quality Enhancement Plan Do You Prefer?

With our mission, strategic planning processes, your responses, and a broad array of assessment data in mind, the Quality Enhancement Plans (QEP) presented below were formed. Each has clear objectives, expectations of student outcomes and an assessment plan.  Each will also require adequate resources--human, physical and fiscal.  Please download the pdf files of each of the QEPs and read them.

Selecting a transformative QEP is essential for improving the learning environment and learning outcomes at JSU and central to JSU's reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  However, only one can be chosen and implemented.  Tell us which plans you prefer and why.  Feel free to critique, praise or make suggestions about them.